Shared Hosting

Simple, reliable, powerful web hosting

Unlike other web hosts, IDM Web unit doesn’t compromise on quality or service. We have plans for every type of website.


Affordable plan, great for personal projects


1VAT not included

1GST not included


Cost effective and fast for small businesses


1VAT not included

1GST not included


Pro performance, premium features


1VAT not included

1GST not included


Best performance for demanding websites


1VAT not included

1GST not included

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Shared Hosting FAQ Guide

  • What is Shared Hosting?

    Shared Hosting stands out as a widely favored, cost-effective, entry-level web hosting solution, particularly appealing to small and medium-sized businesses, portfolios, and websites experiencing moderate traffic. In this hosting arrangement, multiple websites coexist on a sizable shared server, sharing resources like storage, bandwidth, and disk space.

  • Does Shared Hosting come with a Control Panel?

    Certainly, every shared hosting package includes cPanel, a proprietary control panel designed to facilitate the management of your hosting account. It enables you to oversee resource usage, establish email addresses, and install a content management system.

  • I already have a website with another host. Can I transfer my website?

    Yes! You have the option to move your website to your IDMweb Hosting account using a cPanel backup that we provide. Our migrations team is available to assist with all website migration services.